Meet Achievers’ CPA Level One Best Student

This week we talked to Constant Jox Owor, a current CPA student at Achievers Professional Trainer. Jox toped the Paper 1- Financial Accounting Class with 91% and he was among the best students  in the Paper 2- Quantitative Techniques Class with 78%. He shares his experience on the CPA Course and how he made it.

Tell us about your reason for Joining the CPA Course.

I joined CPA to become a professional accountant due to my passion for the profession and also to be in position to be able to share my accounting knowledge with others through mentorship and tutoring

How do you rate yourself as CPA student?

Hmm, I would quite say that I am an excellent determined student who is so open to learning new ideas and as well a good listener.

What opportunities has doing your CPA Course brought to you so far?

So far I am so pleased with myself, I can build that confidence around me to take on more advanced roles at work and I also feel I have job security because my organization has got confidence in me now that I am on my way to becoming a professional accountant. On the other hand, I do some mentoring to students and some teaching as well to gain some income.

How did you do it to make it to excel for the first time at the CPA May 2019 Sittings?

I believed in me and in those that thought me, had a chat with God for more confidence and good health and I believe I attended the best school though it is still at infantry level it really has got plenty of knowledge to offer. I did not practice many questions as its always advised by many but I made sure I got it right the first time as I had not much time to read due to the time I had to give work and family. But I really sacrificed some happiness for this like all my weekends and evening were for school.

What are some of the challenges you face while studying CPA and how Did you pull It off?

I encountered a challenge of lots of discouragement from very many colleges both those that had sat for the papers and those that were yet to sit saying CPA is very hard and that failing is normal however I kept my head high and believed that failing was never part of my DNA and I did not aspire to just pass by scoring 50% but to excel with my target always being to be a prize winner.

What was your experience studying with Achievers Professional Trainers?

It was fun the tutors were young and so friendly that I would even engage them on one on one situations, they also put a lot of faith me and gave me the necessary guidance that I needed to make it in the papers I was pursuing . A big thanks to Sam Ibanda tutor of Paper1- Financial accounting for I always look up to him and maybe I hope to surpass him some day.

What Is Your Advice to your fell Students of CPA? 

My advice to students of CPA is that they should set a completion timeline as this will motivate them to have no room for failure because when you have no target failing doesn’t hurt you. I would also advise them to join Achievers Professional Trainers so as to meet not only the most qualified tutors but the most determined and amazing tutors ready to take them to a higher level. The tutors also offer a practical approach in their classes because of their vast experience in the accounting profession.

My final advise is that passing CPA is a personal initiative in that no matter the institute you choose to join when you don’t put that extra mile you shouldn’t expect much in terms of great results so you ought to make sacrifices for the sake of being successful however you also need some time for yourself so take a day of and have fun because life is too short but remember fun will always be there more especially when you have excelled and never forget to pray to God for more blessings and good health all the time.

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